Fabrizzio’s Petit Hostel

Your home away from home!

Who is Fabrizzio?

He is the most famous and adventurous crocodile in the whole wide world! He’s from Argentina and he has visited countless countries around the globe, being a faithful companion to the travellers that nowadays are the owners of the hostel.

Do you want to meet Fabrizzio?

Our guests leave the hostel enchanted with Fabrizzio and equipped with memorable photos that he loves to take with his new friends. He is waiting for you in your home away from home! How long will it take you to get to know him?

Fabrizzio’s Petit hostel

a family of travellers

We are the ones who will make you feel at home, come and meet us and enjoy Barcelona with us

I’m a music lover, vegan and enthusiastic about nutrition and health, who just likes to share all that I know with whoever wants to share some time to talk and exchange experiences. If you want to discover the vegan soul of Barcelona look for me, I’ll be thrilled to show you.

I really believe in traveling as a way of living and if it’s possible to take Fabrizzio with you, much better 🙂. I have been turning around the world my entire life and traveling is part of my way to feel alive. From Argentina to Spain I know all about moving for a living and I always take Fabrizzio with me.

I’m Fabrizzio father. I found him on one of my first journeys around the world and we have been together ever since. Traveling is a lifestyle for me, I almost visited 30 countries and I still travel every time i have the chance, but Barcelona is my home and I hope to share with you the reason why I love it.

Originally from New York City, I have lived and worked in Barcelona for 7 years. I’m a professional box trainer and I’m passionate about it. My life is all about sports and Barcelona is an amazing city for this way of living.  Let me show you why I moved to Barcelona and why I love so much this city.

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